How to use Expansion Manager with Genos from start to finish

How to use Expansion Manager with Genos from start to finish 2

How to find your new expansion sounds in Yamaha Genos

How to find your new expansion sounds in Yamaha Genos 2

This video will show you where to find your new sounds once you have installed your pack into your Genos.

EQ follow up

EQ follow up 2

Update to our EQ article


If you are having problems loading our packs into expansion manager please update your version of expansion manager from Yamaha. 

Their latest is essential to load our packs into your instrument. PLEASE ensure you have the latest version of their software before trying to load our packs into Tyros 5 and Genos. 

New EPIC strings pack - help on using these voices. 1

Hello again and welcome to our next blog post, talking about strings. 
Strings are always a contentious issue. Some people like smooth silky cinema style strings, some prefer the sound of a string quartet and some prefer just a synth simulated pad sound. 

We have always been lovers of the "cinema" category and rarely found a use for the more modern harsher string sound. With the introduction of Genos, we did hope for strings that have a hint of "john wilson orchestra" or Mantovani, but it seems not. 

The Genos offers a more "modern" style of strings and whilst it works for styles that require raspy string voices, we felt a need for a string voice that really ticks the box when it comes to the "dreamy" category. 
Epic strings offers 5 strings which can cover every style of cinema/film style music. 

From Last strings through to Mantovani and movie score, these strings are all created to capture the sound of the movies. 

Try layering the strings together and moving the second voice up by 1 octave to give a HUGE string sound, but in reality you shouldn't need to. Each voice in the pack is set from small to big. The Last String voice is a big wide open string sound and if you turn on sustain, you get a cascading string sound. 

The Throne String - you can use this voice to play melody lines or use it within styles as a replacement voice for some of the preset string parts - give it a try, you will be surprised how effective this is. 

We wouldn't recommend adding anything to these voices, as they really are perfect for any string melody ballad or movie score. You may want to add a piano part maybe or some orchestral woodwind, but apart from that, this pack is ready to go. Try songs like " games that lovers play" or maybe "Charmaine" or "From russia with love" - Bond movie scores are particularly dramatic when you play the melody using one of these string voices.

Whatever you play, play and enjoy it. 

Genos Backing - Volume Levels 1

If you own a new Yamaha Genos, here is a tip for you to get a fuller sound. 

The style parts that go to make up a style are all set to very similar levels. giving a very flat sound. If you go into the mixer section and pick the style parts 1-8 - you can adjust the volume levels for each part, from drums through to guitar etc. 

By increasing the volume of the guitar or piano part, you can add more definition to your performance and of course, you can adjust the volume levels and store them into registration 1-10. You may want to experiment by turning off parts and saving them into your registrations, building up the parts as they increase in number, so registration 1 would be drums, bass and maybe just guitar, then as you get to registration ten, all of the parts are turned on. 

This helps you to make a registration that is your own and unique to you.

Merry Christmas from Soundpacks

Another FREE registration set. 0

As it is Christmas, we thought you might like to have a go at playing Feed The World, which was made popular in 1984 by Band Aid. A FREE set of registrations for this track are available in our Genos section to download. 
Add to your cart, check out - 100% Free.

Screen Capture on Yamaha Genos 0

How to take a screen capture from Yamaha Genos
EQ settings for Genos

EQ settings for Genos 4

Hello! We thought we would share with you our EQ settings for Genos. 
As with all Yamaha products, the keyboards arrive from the factory with a FLAT EQ. 
EQ is like the bass and treble control of your old Stereo, and the more you adjust, the warmer or brighter sound you get. 
So, we would like to give you the EQ setting that we use, and we find this works brilliantly through big and small speakers, as well as headphones. 

So, Firstly go into your mixing console on the GENOS and go to the MASTER page and dial in the settings we have shown below.
When you have set the dials to match this, press the small picture of the hard drive and arrow at the edge of the screen to save. 
It will ask you to save a name - we called ours EQ GOLD.

As you can see, we don't have the compressor turned on at all.

We hope these settings help to improve the overall sound of your Genos.
I know we get lots of emails asking how to improve the sound of the keyboard and this is always the first place to look. 

Genos Super Songbook Song Suggestions. 0

Just a few song suggestions for our new Genos Super Songbook.

Genos Support 0

We are delighted to announce that we are supporting the new Yamaha Genos keyboard. Our range of software will include registration packs, sound packs and we will also be offering tips and advice. 
If you have any questions relating to Genos and would like help, please feel free to get in touch. Email 
We always try to answer every enquiry and your questions will help in us producing helpful guides for Genos owners. 

Packs for Korg PA4x 1

We now are producing soundpacks for the fantastic Korg PA4x keyboard. 
Our first pack - Klaus for Korg features 8 brand new sampled voices for the Korg PA4x. 
We have produced a video showing you how to load into the PA4x. Unlike Yamaha instruments the Korg PA4x does not require any additional memory as the keyboard comes ready to play with memory already installed. 

Watch our how to load video here.