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If you own a new Yamaha Genos, here is a tip for you to get a fuller sound. 

The style parts that go to make up a style are all set to very similar levels. giving a very flat sound. If you go into the mixer section and pick the style parts 1-8 - you can adjust the volume levels for each part, from drums through to guitar etc. 

By increasing the volume of the guitar or piano part, you can add more definition to your performance and of course, you can adjust the volume levels and store them into registration 1-10. You may want to experiment by turning off parts and saving them into your registrations, building up the parts as they increase in number, so registration 1 would be drums, bass and maybe just guitar, then as you get to registration ten, all of the parts are turned on. 

This helps you to make a registration that is your own and unique to you.

Merry Christmas from Soundpacks

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  • Derek Miles
    Derek Miles

    You’ve done a splendid job in suggesting how we can better the styles to suit our performances so, many thanks.
    May I suggest that you consider some control on instrumental vibrato, depth and speed. I find that the brass sections are a little bright and improve with reducing a little of the top end harshness.
    Thank you again for your continued support.

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