EQ follow up

EQ follow up

We wanted to offer a little update to the feature we did on the EQ setting for the Genos. We have had a few emails from Genos owners asking about the settings we provided and asking if they are correct.
If you are playing an arranger keyboard at home, the key element you should be searching for is a sound that YOU like. The tutorial we featured below adds brightness and warmth to the overall sound on the Genos. 

If this instrument were in a studio and being used to record the next chart hit - then it would be a different story, but for those of you who play these at home and like a warm tone, then the settings we have given are great and can help you to get a nice sound from your keyboard. 

We have had endless emails from owners saying how great the keyboard now sounds thanks to the changes we have given. 

Whilst we are pleased that this has made a difference, we also point out that everyone's hearing is set at different standards. As we get older, we start to lose the ability to hear the higher frequencies. Adding brightness to the EQ with the higher frequencies, give these a boost and help you to gain back the sound you love. 

Out of the box the Genos comes flat as standard, and if you are of an older generation, you really will benefit from the settings in the EQ tutorial further down this page. 

We also would like to point out that the settings also depend on the speakers that you are using. For example if you use a PA speaker system, you will find that you need to boost some of the mid frequencies depending on the size and make of the speakers you use, where some other speakers, may be too bright and hard to listen to for long periods. 

If you are using the Genos speaker system, you will again, find our settings below very useful and will benefit from the deeper, richer sound. 

The sound of your instrument is very personal, and just like picking a set of headphones, what is right for you may not be right for someone else, so experiment and adjust to suit your own ears. 

Happy playing!


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  • Tech Wizard
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  • George Wood
    George Wood

    Ref EQ setting I have the standard Genos speakers,On the base speaker there are two setting controls, one at the rear which i have set full on, and the one at the front of the base speaker i keep changeing the settings. at the moment its set about one o clock . What setting shound i use for your E/Q upgrade that you have kinderly surplied Free of charge thanking you very much thanks.

  • Nancy Wightman
    Nancy Wightman

    Missed the first EQ message and can’t find the one described in the one above – is there a chance I could have access to them

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