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EQ settings for Genos

EQ settings for Genos 4

Hello! We thought we would share with you our EQ settings for Genos. 
As with all Yamaha products, the keyboards arrive from the factory with a FLAT EQ. 
EQ is like the bass and treble control of your old Stereo, and the more you adjust, the warmer or brighter sound you get. 
So, we would like to give you the EQ setting that we use, and we find this works brilliantly through big and small speakers, as well as headphones. 

So, Firstly go into your mixing console on the GENOS and go to the MASTER page and dial in the settings we have shown below.
When you have set the dials to match this, press the small picture of the hard drive and arrow at the edge of the screen to save. 
It will ask you to save a name - we called ours EQ GOLD.

As you can see, we don't have the compressor turned on at all.

We hope these settings help to improve the overall sound of your Genos.
I know we get lots of emails asking how to improve the sound of the keyboard and this is always the first place to look.