New EPIC strings pack - help on using these voices.


Hello again and welcome to our next blog post, talking about strings. 
Strings are always a contentious issue. Some people like smooth silky cinema style strings, some prefer the sound of a string quartet and some prefer just a synth simulated pad sound. 

We have always been lovers of the "cinema" category and rarely found a use for the more modern harsher string sound. With the introduction of Genos, we did hope for strings that have a hint of "john wilson orchestra" or Mantovani, but it seems not. 

The Genos offers a more "modern" style of strings and whilst it works for styles that require raspy string voices, we felt a need for a string voice that really ticks the box when it comes to the "dreamy" category. 
Epic strings offers 5 strings which can cover every style of cinema/film style music. 

From Last strings through to Mantovani and movie score, these strings are all created to capture the sound of the movies. 

Try layering the strings together and moving the second voice up by 1 octave to give a HUGE string sound, but in reality you shouldn't need to. Each voice in the pack is set from small to big. The Last String voice is a big wide open string sound and if you turn on sustain, you get a cascading string sound. 

The Throne String - you can use this voice to play melody lines or use it within styles as a replacement voice for some of the preset string parts - give it a try, you will be surprised how effective this is. 

We wouldn't recommend adding anything to these voices, as they really are perfect for any string melody ballad or movie score. You may want to add a piano part maybe or some orchestral woodwind, but apart from that, this pack is ready to go. Try songs like " games that lovers play" or maybe "Charmaine" or "From russia with love" - Bond movie scores are particularly dramatic when you play the melody using one of these string voices.

Whatever you play, play and enjoy it. 

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  • Garry White
    Garry White

    I tend to agree with this. at the moment I use the strings in the legacy section. Not sure if this is a backward step as I am new to Yamaha Keyboards

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