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How to load your sounds - watch this 0

We have made a video for you showing you how to use Expansion Manager. We hope this video makes using expansion manager easier for you.

You firstly need to download EXPANSION MANAGER from the yamaha website. You can download a version for Apple Mac or PC. To download visit this link here. Install the software first and then work through our tutorial.

Step 1 - Saving your instrument ID to a USB stick


Step 2 - Making a pack in Expansion Manager


Step 3 - Loading Your Pack Into Expansion Manager


Free Country Registration Set for Tyros 5

Free Country Registration Set for Tyros 5 0

Download our FREE set of country registrations for Tyros 5

We are working on a set of Country and Western registrations for Tyros 5 and are delighted to give you the first 8 registrations in this pack completely free.
Simply CLICK HERE to download these files. 
Put the file Country.S286.RGT onto a USB Stick and load into your tyros 5 by pressing button J on the screen - use TAB to move to USB1 and highlight the file Country.S286.RGT. 
Press any registration button 1-8 on your Tyros and hey presto - you have a new FREE set of registrations.

Feel free to leave us your comments below. Happy Playing!