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Another set of FREE registrations to download.

Another set of FREE registrations to download. 0

This is our second set of FREE registrations for you to download for your Tyros 5.  This is our 8 Beat set - which has been designed around the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" and features 8 one touch registrations which use all of the internal voices from the Tyros - so everyone can use them. 
Completely free to download. These registrations are set to AI Fingering and can be played to any typical 8 beat song. 
Song Recommendations - 

  • Feelings
  • Nobody does it better
  • Words
  • Song for Guy
  • Last farewell

We hope you enjoy our registrations and look forward to your feedback.
To load - put this file onto your USB Stick. 
Insert into your Tyros 5
Press button J on the screen
Use the tab buttons to move to USB1
You will see the file Wind 8 Beat SP
Press the button on the screen next to the title.
Now on the Tyros mail panel just next the the Data Entry dial - press any of the 1-8 registration buttons. You will now hear the registrations. 
1-4 build up in intensity 1 & 2 for verse, 3 & 4 for Chorus
5-8 build up in intensity 5 & 6 for verse, 7 & 8 for Chorus 


Free Country Registration Set for Tyros 5

Free Country Registration Set for Tyros 5 0

Download our FREE set of country registrations for Tyros 5

We are working on a set of Country and Western registrations for Tyros 5 and are delighted to give you the first 8 registrations in this pack completely free.
Simply CLICK HERE to download these files. 
Put the file Country.S286.RGT onto a USB Stick and load into your tyros 5 by pressing button J on the screen - use TAB to move to USB1 and highlight the file Country.S286.RGT. 
Press any registration button 1-8 on your Tyros and hey presto - you have a new FREE set of registrations.

Feel free to leave us your comments below. Happy Playing!